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Sea Spice

A menu design for a seafood restaurant

Sea Spice restaurant is one of our local restaurants here in Livingstone, Zambia. The food is prepared with a little extra love and care and some dishes have an added spice. 

We did the photography for the menu and the layout and design.

Gourmet Menu - Sports Arena

Gourmet Restaurant in Lusaka have grown from strength to strength throughout the past few years. We developed their menu for their different restaurants at different locations. This menu was enhanced by our photography that we did on location and incorporated into the menu. As in the words of Frederick R. Barnard “One look is worth a thousand words“…

Gourmet Dine by Design Menu

Gourmet Restaurant at the Sports Arena was so well received by their clientele that they expanded to the East Park Mall in Lusaka, Zambia. The original menu evolved into a Dine by Design experience and the design and look of the menu compliments the idea and feeling of their clients. Clean, open and the use of light colours helped convey this.

Gourmet Take Away Menus

With the popularity of the restaurants they inevitably had to expand into the Take-Away sector. Due to the pandemic in 2020 this was an ideal way of offering their delicate and delicious cuisine to their clients in the comfort of their homes.

Dine by Design Take Away Menu

And then Dine by Design also needed their own Take-Away menu. Slightly different and with its classic clean and light design.